How It All Works - NCCY Partnerships

Northwest CommUnity Coalition  for Youth consist of

seven key partnerships each with support from various community organizations  and area media promotion

What They Do

Faith Based Partnerships

•Coalition member in partnership with

Faith Based organizations go into schools

and work with your become advocates for the students.

•School Based Supports.

•Walks, Talks, resources, and outreach

•Awareness and Education

•Youth Council Reps

•Faith Based Leaders Council Reps

Safer Communities Partnerships

•Coalition Partners go to schools and community events sharing resources and educating participants about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. They offer supports and alternatives ie healthy life styles.

•Drug Free Schools/Substance Advocacy

•School and Community Awareness and Education

•Youth Council Reps

Who They Are

Faith Based Organizations

  • Upper Room Missionary Baptist Church

  • Church of God By Faith International Missionary Church

  • Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

  • St. Athanasius Church

  • New Journey Christian Center

Health and Wellness Partners

  •  Amadi Wellness Connection,

  • Einstein Hospital,

  • Gardenia House,

  • Resources for Human Development

Anti-Bullying Partnerships

•Coalition member go into schools and attend community events raising awareness, sharing strategies and educating youth, parents and community about bullying:

•Hoops Against Bullying Basketball Challenge &

Youth Conference

•Anti Bullying education workshops



•School and Community Awareness and Education

•Youth Council Representatives

Community Based Youth Service Organizations

  • NCCY Youth Coalition

  • The Order of the Eastern Star / NCCY Youth Coordinator

  • BET- Bringing Everybody Together

  • JAMMA Extended Day Program

  • Corinthian Baptist Church / Imhotep Charter

  • Black Make Development Symposium

  • Prince Hall Alumni Foundation

  • Rapping About Prevention Inc.

  • Sports and Mentoring Students Community

  • Key Sports and Leadership Institute

  • Grown Men Incorporated

School Partnerships

•Coalition members form a comstat to share information and concerns that happen over the weekend and in the community. They also create safe community based environments and celebrate students success.

•Monday Morning Conference Calls-School/Police weekend information update.

•Truancy partnerships

•Safe Corridors/ Safe Haven

• School / Community Compliance partnerships

•K-16 partners

•Awareness and Education

•Youth Council Reps

Schools and University Partners

  • Arcadia University- Pan African Studies Department

  • LaSalle University

  • Lankenau High School

  • Martin Luther King High School

  • West Oak Lane Charter School

  • Imhotep Institute Charter High School

  • St Athanasius Catholic School

  • Building 21st. High School

Peacekeepers Partnerships

Coalition members work with local police and law enforcement entities to form a working alliance with youth and community.

•School/Community compliance partnerships.

•Neighborhood Signage programs

•Peacekeepers Celebrations inclusive of police, crossing guards, school police, any servants of the law

•Town Watch volunteers

•Awareness and Education

•Youth/ Peacekeepers  Council Reps

 Parents Advocacy

Coalitions partners offer resources and supports to parents and caregivers that are working to ensure their children are safe and their community becomes a safer place to live.

•Celebrating Parents

•Resources Outreach

•School/Community based Information sessions

•School--Business partnerships

•Awareness and Education

•Parent Council Reps

Law Enforcement

  • NW Police Division

  • 35th Police District

  • 14th Police District

  • Office of Philadelphia District Attorney

  • Office of US District Attorney

  • Community security

Community Based Organizations

  • Black Male Development Symposium (BMDS)

  • Institute for the Development of African American Youth (IDAAY)

  • Northwest Victims Services

  • 10th Ward

  • 14th & 35th District United Block Captains Association

Business Development Partnerships

•Our coalition partners work with businesses that support safe community and youth programs becoming the eyes and ears of safety. They also lend resources that support better safer communities. They lend their expertise to close gapes that have been created by resource poor communities.

•Safe Haven Business/Schools

•Compliance Education/Enforcement / Community based internships

•Awareness and Education

•Business Owners Council Reps


  • McDonald's - Stenton Avenue/ Ogontz Avenue Store

  • Sugafoot Cafe Home Style Catering

  • Darlene Callands Consultants

  • Tresures Banquet Hall


Important for every event

  • Coalition Newsletter

  • Coalition Web Site-

  • Public Relations Packets and Handouts,

  • Philadelphia Tribune

  • The Leader

  • Germantown Carrier,

  • WURD Radio Online Radio

  • Comcast  Community TV- Reports

  • FaceBook