NCCY’s mission is to ensure that our young people are safe and feel secure in a healthy, drug free community. We will accomplish this mission by identifying environmental conditions within our community that decreases youth safety. We will do this by identifying root causes, developing strategies, and employing measures to eliminate these conditions.


NCCY Purpose


The purpose of NCCY is to identify high-risk factors and conditions within the Northwest Philadelphia community that create unsafe and unhealthy environments for our youth. To develop strategies and action measures to decrees these conditions.


NCCY partners will communicate, coordinate and support the needs of our schools and community leadership, law enforcement agencies, faith based institutions, recreation centers, businesses and other community based organizations that serve or support youth activities. 


NCCY will identify and engage organizations that are effective youth advocates and have the capability to increase the safety, security and quality of life of our children.  NCCY will also recruit and support citizens who take an active role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of youth residing and/or attending schools in Northwest Philadelphia. Our goal is to create safer, secure healthy drug free communities.

NCCY Goals

Vigilance - The NCCY will solicit the participation of schools leaders, faith based leaders, recreation centers, businesses and other community organizations whose mission is to monitor the activities of youth. We will work together to form safe corridor teams, town watch patrols, block organizations and business association safe havens.  Working together we will be empowered to monitor youth activities and report conditions hazardous to our children to the appropriate authorities.


Share Intelligence – The NCCY will develop and distribute phone and email communication lists and resource guides to coalition members and community partners in order to share, coordinate and report important intelligence.


Formulate Strategies – The NCCY will meet regularly to correlate our intelligence, formulate relevant strategies and evaluate and modify existing tactics, with the goal of improving the security and environment of our children.


Form Alliances – The NCCY will identify and engage organizations that are effective youth advocates and have the capability to increase the safety, security and quality of life of our children…

Geographical Area of Focus of the

Northwest CommUnity Coalition for Youth

The following boundaries represent the initial area where the Northwest CommUnity Coalition for Youth (NCCY) has begun developing and implementing strategies to increase youth safety.  As the coalition matures and becomes better empowered to accomplish its mission, we will develop strategies to expand our outreach to eventually support the entire northwest section of Philadelphia.  The NCCY will consist of all stakeholders who provide support to the children within these geographical boundaries.

Why We Exist

Too many of our children step out of their homes, and step into an environment heavily influenced by predatory forces. These predatory elements range from troubled youths to drug dealers to unscrupulous businesses to predatory adults. It is the presence and influence of these predators which are physically, emotionally and socially harming our children, causing them to be fearful, and significantly diminishes their quality of life.

NCCY Background

Since April 22, 2004, the date of the first meeting of the Northwest Community Coalition for Youth (NCCY) at the West Oak Lane Church of God, we have been committed to the mission of identifying conditions within our community that might be detrimental to young people and strategizing on ways to eliminate those conditions and keep our young people safe.  From that initial meeting, we were fortunate enough to partner with others in the community committed to that mission including Educators, City/School/ Transportation Law Enforcement, Juvenile Court System, Faith Based Organizations, Community & Civic Organizations, and Merchants and Businesses.  While we have been able to identify, and address some conditions that have negatively affected our children we continue to work to eradicate all conditions that are detrimental to them.  Though it has been an uphill journey we are confident that diligence and perseverance will, in the end, accomplish our goals.   We are committed to making NCCY’s mission be more than words on paper. Now, as a united collective we have initiated several successful programs.